Drupal: How Hard Can It Be?


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Some links to writing about “Dark Patterns”


“Scams don’t work if the victim knows what the hustler is trying to do.”(metafilter.com)

Dark Patterns(jessicaflammia.wordpress.com)

Critical Thinking 5(rdwisewords.wordpress.com)

Erik Vold: Do Not Track – Dark Pattern(work.erikvold.com)

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The Internet: an endless supply of Gobbledygook

Found this on LinkedIn, an endless source of utter bullshit:

I am a highly motivated, energetic, goal driven international business development guru. Proven track record of creating strategic goals and driving successful implementation of partnerships and initiatives. I strive to rethink and refine business development strategy to increase existing revenue streams, develop new revenue streams and forge strategic partnerships that will take our business development to the next level.

Bullshit Detector Vol. 2

£275??? oh, 2.75

A (former) “connection’s” introductory statement about himself. Also, a recent college graduate. “International business development guru?” Seriously? SERIOUSLY???!!! Excuse me, I’m off to vomit.

Here’s another:

Performance Leadership is a revolutionary 6-12 month development experience that teaches senior leaders to create massive results in their organizations. Our approach is singularly effective:

  • Harness the power of individual executive coaching.

  • Optimize the synergy of senior teams working together.

  • Balance individual autonomy with collective vision.

  • Support internal efforts already underway or design and run a brand-new transformation program

Optimize the synergy. That sounds EXPENSIVE! I was going to analyze this, but, it is so completely senseless that I really can’t see the point.

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Click the Link to See a Preview of My New Project

This is the link…

For a web application I’m designing. The logo took approximately 45 minutes to create, good thing I know a designer. Cost me nothing, but it’s going to be great for his portfolio because it’s real, professional work on an actual website. Probably a lot more work where that came from! I’m happy I could help out a struggling artist. (What a douche! He’s never going to get a real paying job, and I just got a free logo!)

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Installing Apache Tomcat server on Mac OSX

This is a quick post to acknowledge Wolf Paulus’ great, simple instructions for installing the Tomcat server on the Mac. Works like a champ. The Tomcat Controller he mentions in the post is also very helpful.

English: Logo of Русский: Логотип Apache Tomcat

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How to Make Your WordPress Blog Not Run Faster by Using a CDN That Goes Out of Business and You Suddenly Realize After the Fact That Maybe It Wasn’t Such a Good Idea In the First Place

My difficulty instituting a CDN continues


I had been using a CDN, the acronym for “Content Delivery Network”, to deliver the pictures on this blog to your browser. The reason for doing this is to speed up the load time of the web page and it certainly fit in my “Experiments with WWW” or whatever I’m calling it. A CDN stores your pictures/videos/whatever (content that is larger than the rest of the html in a site) and when the page loads your server doesn’t have to spend a bunch of time pushing that heavy content around, it can focus on the simpler and faster html  and associated scripts.


But, what happens when your CDN provider gets shut down and you didn’t even notice? Or get a notification? And what if that happens at exactly the same time that you upgrade your caching plugin, which leaves a file on your server that breaks the website? And not just your website, but the other three websites on the same host? What happens is that even if you put your server right side up again, all of the pictures that you call on the deceased CDN no longer answer.


Oh MY GOD this is SO boring!


The CDN I was using was called “SimpleCDN“. SimpleCDN logoAs I recall, they offerered 150Mb of storage, and up to a Gb download per month for $FREE. I’m using MAYBE 10% of that. I could pay some “cloud” service like Amazon $100.00/mo. And there are others, most of which are as expensive. SimpleCDN “fit my needs”, as they say. Apparently, SimpleCDN were using a hosting service then reselling it as a content delivery network. This article explains it better than I will, so you should read it if this type of thing is interesting to you. So the host shut them down. Hit the kill switch, with no advance notice. UH OH! Now you have subscribers who are using your service to run their websites, and they all go dark (sort of, I mean, their content wouldn’t be visible if the page tries to refer to stuff on the CDN server).


Two lessons I learned from this experiment:


  1. You get what you pay for. This is an immutable natural law. Whether it be for Graphic Design, a CDN, or a bottle of wine.
  2. If you want your blog to stay online, you MUST do some maintenance and pay attention to all the stuff you have tacked on to it.


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How to Make your WordPress Blog Stop Working by Trying to Make it Run Faster

I finally found the time to update this blog, hopefully some fresh content will finally get me a third reader.

Why I haven’t posted since March, 2010:

I decided that enough is enough and after having been laid off by no less than three printing/marketing places, then suffering through unemployment along with the other thirty million Americans like me, I went back to college to get my BS. That is, an official BS, not the BS I usually deal in (HA!). Thankfully, I have been working during that time, and so was left with very little time left to write on this.

Why my blog went off the air:

I thought that the internet had, like, ghosts or something that would alert me to problems. Let’s say you installed a plug in on your WordPress blo, in order to make it run faster, as an “experiment in www”. Then let’s say that this plug in, out of the goodness of its heart, creates and deploys what’s called an .htaccess file all up in your server’s face to get it to do its bidding. Now, this is a long story, and I’m not going to bore myself with the details of it, but let’s say that the plug in did this WITHOUT TELLING YOU. I’m not mad at it (I am kind of mad at it). Now, when you put a(n) .htaccess file on the root folder of your webserver, usually that’s okay, it actually needs those instructions. But when you put that file in a subfolder on a server, and you point a URL to that subfolder, apparently you are then FORBIDDEN to enter. As in “403 Forbidden“. After a couple days, I was able to find the .htaccess file that was hurting me, hid it, and voila, my site pops back up. Thankfully this is my own thing and I’m not running it for someone else, otherwise I might be looking for yet another job. Thanks a lot, W3TC!!! But I will not give up on the whole CDN thing. Once I nail it down I can pretend to be cool by saying my website utilizes a cloud-computing architecture, or some such gibberish. {I did not know the word gibberish was spelled with a “g;”. I’ll be darned.}


Buried deep in this post is another reason I am back on this experimental blog. I DID in fact set up a site for someone else, and I will probably need to test some stuff out over here to make sure everything paechy before I deploy it on my client’s site. Here it is

StudioLazerus Logo

So, go check it out (yes, I am telling you what to do), buy some jewelry for yourself and your loved ones, and stay tuned to see the results of further experiments in www and in real life as well.

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The Shocking Tale of BookLocker v. Amazon

Bangor, Maine based BookLocker has won a suit against Amazon.com which claimed Amazon violated anti-trust law. The complaint was that Amazon used intimidation and other mafia-like tactics to shut down a publisher’s ability to use their own printer by attempting to force these publishers to use Amazon’s own POD printing business, BookSurge (now called CreateSpace).


You will respect Amazon's authoritah!!!

Let’s say you are an independent publisher, a niche publisher or a small digital printing company. Read More »

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Awesomest comment spam comment of the day

In my continuing series of comment spams that are totally genius, I give you the following, copied with no editing whatsoever:

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with

MY GOD! Not leave it with what? WITH WHAT???

Sorry pal, no decisive insights on this blog, and I really don’t have enough traffic coming here to warrant the spamming effort you are putting into this.

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Spam Comment of the Day

SIERRA MADRE, CA - MAY 29:  Spam, the often-ma...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I now spend more time deleting moderating spam on this blog than I do actually writing. Annoying as hell. Although, I found the wording of this one to be pretty amusing:

“The first thing that will happen will be the termination of Lustig’s disastrous buy allegra grab me and pelted towards the door. The policeman there grabbed at me— then folded

Just read that a few times. I removed the link but left the formatting for humorous effect.

Happy Holidays!

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