Social Networking simplified

I love this chart. Brian Solis combines intersting data about social networks, analysis, and a nice readable representation.


The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism

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Twitter users rejoice!

Slot machine.
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If you are coming to this page from Twitter, welcome! I mean that sincerely, I hope that you read a post or two on this blog and see that there is no real meaning to this except that I am looking for ways to have fun by manipulating the internet to my own desires. And isn’t that what the whole thing is about? Having fun, I mean. I have a long history of creating art and writing, blah blah blah, but the internet allows me to publish my stuff virtually (no pun intended) for free.

Sometimes, people just want to say something, express themselves, connect with like minded people. It’s the Human thing to do. Have a good time… hit me with a comment or spam my Twitter account , whatever. I think that life itself is probably just a big experiment.

OR, if you have a job for me, even better!

Anyway, my latest experiment involves Twitter. Can I find a job or a gig with it? Or will I just waste a bunch of time? So far, it is a ton of fun to sit at my machine and play with it, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I still can’t quite figure out what it’s best for, but I have to admit that there is a little reward when someone “follows” you. Like in a video game when you get a little reward… a bell goes off, a bunch of stars fly out of Mario‘s head, whatever. I am really susceptible to these little rewards. As we all are, whether you believe it or not. It’s how gambling works: put a quarter in a slot machine, if you get the reward ONE TIME, you crave it forever.

Throw me a reward, and I promise to do the same: follow me on Twitter, or better yet, hit my blog with a comment or subscribe to the feed. It’s free!

PS: There is actually a Wikipedia entry for “Blah”. Who knew.

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Waiting for Godin, Network Solutions and Zemanta

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Well, I finally figured out the way to capture blog readers: mention their company in your post. Since I blogged about Network Solutions the other day, I saw on my Google Analytics page that the person from Arlington, VA, (HELLO ARLINGTON!!! WOOHOO!) did a search for the phrase “network solutions”, found my post, and then apparently went to the bathroom because they spent 12 minutes looking at the one page. I don’t even spend 12 minutes writing these things! And, now I am going to purposely add the phrase to the title, the meta and the SEO stuff to see if it happens again. As I read in the Denver Post not too long ago, some companies are sending people out to Twitter and the blogosphere to try and discover what customers are saying about them. Perhaps the internet is the democratization of commerce. Or from a cynical point of view, perhaps these companies are doing market research without having to actually contact a person. Hmm.

The other day, I posted a metablog about Seth Godin, hoping that my “trackback” would appear on his blog. No dice. I wonder what I did wrong? There is only ONE trackback under that article. I suppose one must wait for Godin himself to approve and release the post.  (Oh my GOD: WAITING FOR GODIN! THAT”S AWESOME!)

Zemanta HQ is definitely searching me/checking me/ something. I like Zemanta, but not having received much attention before this is a bit odd. Cool, but odd. Hopefully they won’t have to start CHARGING ME.

Back to work, and hopefully after my Holiday Marketing Blitzorama, I will have a few more regular readers. (Hi MOM!)

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