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Turn and face the strange

For the two people who regularly read this blog 😉 ,  I wanted to put up a quick post to say that I’m evaluating the whole thing aesthetically and from the content standpoint. Changes are in the works. My idea (to do experiments with the www and report on them) took a bit of a turn into a marketing and advertising opinion blog, and there really are quite enough of those out there, although it just so happens that those issues are the most read. My time to write has been constrained by work issues, specifically the fact that I am now a full time employee of a marketing agency, and I’m not certain about the appropriateness of my opinions in relation to the company, and I need to look at that before I write any more about that subject.

I’ve already changed the WordPress theme, and I will be spending some time sprucing it up. I apologize in advance for any breakages/hideousness/anomalies or links that get destroyed.

There is some interesting comment activity going on, in the older posts. I am going to investigate it, I am not convinced that these recent comments are just people who have an interest in the subject matter. Stay tuned for a post about it, if I can figure anything out. My bounce rate is still higher than I want, so I will be adding things to make that go down.

Anyway, if you’re still reading, thank you, stay tuned, the next generation of this might be interesting. Please let me know what you think.